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Spotlight on a Bespoke Order for a Bride

My lovely bride organised a bespoke design consultation in my studio in Torquay, Devon. She wanted to incorporate her grandmother's wedding tiara which she wore on her wedding day over sixty years ago in 1959. We decided to add some handmade ceramic flowers, hand painted with a silver shimmer with diamante centres, but first I had to give it a bit of a hair cut! It had been lovingly looked after in a box but with its age, some of the thread had started to unravel a bit so I gently snipped away with my treasured gold scissors and sewed the ends into place.

I absolutely jumped at the chance to be given this honour and the whole process was just magical. My bride was very much involved during the whole design process and during this I told her emotional and privileged it made me feel to be given something so special to work on. I was imagining who was sat at their desk making this very headpiece 60 years ago and now here I was adding to its splendour.

Here is a little note from the bride about her grandparents story, 'Granny and Gramps were married on the 4th Feb 1959 at Blackawton Church, with the reception held in the family farm house, and at 6pm they were driven to Totnes train station to catch a train to London for their honeymoon! How times have changed!! Granny is called Joyce and Granny was called Lionel Bond, but he passed away 5 years ago. And now I'm getting married at their farm'.

Laura also left me a lovely Google review, 'Highly recommend Claire. Fantastic service all the way through from design meeting to collection. Very talented lady, with a great eye for creating beautiful pieces.'

If you're thinking of incorporating a family heirloom or special jewellery into your headpiece please feel free to send me a message to start your bespoke journey. Looking forward to chatting with you.

Love Claire xxx

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