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Finding my (almost) perfect skin

Lockdown has given us a lot of time and opportunity to make changes. One little project I wanted to focus my attention on was my skincare. If we are tired, stressed, eat too many doughnuts or drink too much red wine the night before, the first place it shows is our skin. When I was younger I thought your skin would automatically clear when you turned 18 years old and spots would be a thing of the past. Oh how wrong I was. They say your body is a temple and they're right, you need to work at looking after it.

I got married last August and in the 12 months running up to it I made a pact with myself that I would take my makeup off every night (come on we've all done it!) and get a proper skincare routine going. I also allowed myself the treat of having a facial once a month. My goal was to wake up on the day of our wedding and not have any spots and to have the best base possible for my makeup artist to work her magic on (Sophie White MUA - the BEST in the business!)

With this in mind I did my research and found CACI, also known as 'the non surgical facelift'. I researched my nearest CACI specialist and found the lovely Shauna Bowden who owns Bay Beauty in Paignton. I told her I wanted to go to her for a year and gave her free reign to do whatever treatments she wanted to my skin in that time. Shauna developed a bespoke skincare package for me which centred around using a funny machine with prongs surging little micro currents through my skin, targeting fine lines by stimulating tissue regeneration and boosting collagen and giving your skin a bit more of a natural glow. I was so happy with the results and as well as enjoying the facials I also looked forward to a catch up with Shauna every month.



Me on our wedding day 31.08.20

Photo by Holly Collings Photography

Makeup by Sophie White MUA

Hair by Lise Bridal Hair

I've now been married for ten months and I will admit as soon as the wedding was over I let things slide a little bit. However being in lockdown gave me the time to put things right. In three months I have tried quite a few products on my skin and I am going to share with you my daily skin care routine. And be warned, I am going to share with you the most amazing life changing spot cream ever!

I have combination skin - it is oily on my nose and chin but no problems with my forehead or cheeks. A few weeks ago I was in despair. I would break out on my chin every single day and it was so frustrating! I researched every inch of the internet and have finally fine tuned my routine. I will also share with you the miracle in a tube which has solved my teenager chin!

In the Morning...

I use Cetaphil oily skin cleanser with a facial cleansing brush - it comes with four different heads which rotate around your skin and really get in there cleaning out all your dirty pores. I bought one from Amazon for £16.59 and I am so happy with it - it sounds sad but its actually quite fun - you can even use it in the shower! It comes with four heads but I just use the general soft padded cleanser head and the harder exfoliating one every 2 -3 days to give my face a good scrub.



This video shows me using my facial cleanser electric brush when taking my makeup off at night - you'll see my skin before and after

Then I give my face a spritz of Temple Spa Toning Essence (£16.00), I like the fact that you don't need to use cotton wool pads and it feels really refreshing. Contact Sarah from @elegantnails66 on Instagram who sells fabulous Templespa products.

My next tool is a rose quartz roller (£9.98) When I first got it I used it twice a day but if i'm honest I probably use it every 2 days now (tip - leave it in the fridge and it feels amazing on your eyes first thing in the morning!). Rose quartz is said to stimulate the blood flow in your face, depuffing and ridding the skin of toxins. There are lots of youtube videos and face charts which show you how to use it (or ask me and i'll send you a little video). I concentrate on the area between my eyebrows where I frown a lot and under my eyes.


I then put either sun cream or E45 on my face and allow that to soak in for 10 mins or so and then I use my Arbonne RE9 advanced corrective eye cream and makeup primer before putting on my makeup. Make sure you contact the lovely Michelle for more information on Arbonne products @mich_stanford on Instagram or


A moisturiser treat is the Moisture Matt Mattifying Moisturiser by Templespa - it is a liquid cashmere lotion which feels INCREDIBLE - so smooth and it keeps the skin matte all day (£38.00).

Now here we go...for the piéce de résistance...the product I can no longer live without...

Omg this little tube has changed my life. I'm not even joking. If you've taken the time to do your skincare regime but you still feel a couple of spots coming on, dab a small amount onto the area for a couple of nights and it will completely reduce the redness and then dry it out to nothing. It is SO SATISFYING! I even put some on my problem area - the chin - every night to prevent any break outs. I was at my wits end a couple of weeks ago with my chin and after using this miracle tube over a few days they completely disappeared! It's quite an investment at £22 for a 10ml bottle but it is so worth it I promise.


It is so important to wash your makeup brushes as often as possible (they say after one use!) - I posted a video on instagram a couple of months ago of this product and I had loads of messages from you saying you bought one and how amazing it is! You can see the video on my IGTV on my page @claireaustinengland.


Over the past couple of weeks I've tried to drink lemon in hot water first thing in the morning before breakfast. If you're not keen on lemon by itself you can add a bit of honey. At the beginning of the week I squeeze 4-5 lemons into an ice cube try and then all you need to take an ice cube out a day. Depending on how much lemon you squeeze into each part you may only need half an ice cube a day - easy peasy!

Lemon juice helps keep the body hydrated which is great for me because I definitely do not drink enough water (probably why my skin isn't great!). It is a rich source of vitamin C and acts as a digestive and detoxifying agent. It acts helps in cleaning the liver leading to better digestive health - I would call that a winner all round!

At weekends I treat myself to my usual English Breakfast tea - yum.

Unfortunately I didn't take a 'before' photo so you're just going to have to believe me (I am aware I am a slight drama queen). I still have some scars from the spots that came out this month but they are slowly clearing. I have one spot on my forehead today but I know that will go in a couple of days after using my Dynaspot tube at night. It does however meant that my whole face is now smooth and silky and foundation takes really well (yay! see photo below). It's my 30th birthday in a couple of weeks and I'm really looking forward to booking an appointment at Chloe's Beauty Salon in Torquay for a 1-2-1 Makeup Tutorial when they can reopen.


Please let me know if you try any of these products or tips, i'd love to hear how you got on!

Love Claire xxx

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